I wish I got paid per fart..

I’d be a mega-millionaire times infinity. 


This is my weird dream!

This is all part of the dream..”Five years, or so ago, I had a dream that I was in an old house, found a secret passage way in the closet, and it led me outside to a hidden town, filled with people who weren’t quite human. The leader of the town was Tom Hanks. Flash forward to now, and a movie comes out, with this exact premise starring Tom Hanks. I kept elbowing Brian, sitting next to me in the theater, “Hey, this is where I find the passage way! Hey, this is where I will find a weird bug! Hey, this is where I run in to Tom Hanks!” The movie was on it’s opening night, and Brian wondered how I had seen it before. It’s my dream! They made a movie about my dream!!” That’s the gist of it. In my actual real dream (this is like Inception), there was a race of humanoid aliens that tried to fit in with the human race, and gave up, because we were so ridiculous. So they made a hidden town, where they could just be themselves, and they all dressed like Colonel Sanders.

My bucket list…

Do I want to travel the world? Of course, who doesn’t. There’s lofty, and there is realistic. That’s why I am only adding to things to my bucket list I can feasibly do. A trip to Orange CT to see the PEZ factory. Oh, yeah. And a trip to see a taping of Conan, while, perhaps also going to the Pezific Pez Convention. Wait, those are both PEZ related. It’s good to know my life revolves around the damn things.